11 / 17 / 14

Holiday Travel/Holiday Hair


Lucky you! You are finally taking that holiday cruise you have always dreamed of.

As you packed your bags you thought of all the possible scenarios: shorts and tops for casual sight-seeing in the port cities, your favorite swimsuit for snorkeling in the warm Caribbean waters, your evening gown for that special Captain's dinner.

But wait, what will you do with your hair for a formal evening after you have spent the whole day sight-seeing and snorkeling? Who would want to miss all the fun of the day to sit on the ship at a hair appointment, even if you could get one!
The answer is simple...wigs and hairpieces.

Many experienced travelers rely on them daily. After a swim you can pull your hair back, attach an updo hairpiece and voila, you look Mahvelous!!

For that special evening at the captain's table, consider wearing a lace front wig gathered in a low side ponytail. Instant glamour.

Remember, you can do anything with a wig that you can do with your own hair. Experiment with pinning it up in different ways, a French twist, a braid, or just clip the top and sides up. The possibilities are endless.

PIc2Perhaps you prefer to wear your hair down. Try this look with its lace front for off the face styling. I'm sure the captain will approve.


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