Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Understand your hair loss.

Hair loss makes a lot more sense when you understand how it works. Hair loss happens when the body's natural growth process is interrupted. It's important to find out what's causing your hair loss before you invest in a hair restoration solution. When your method or treatment is chosen carefully to counter the specific cause of your hair loss, you'll get the best possible results.

Hair growth is a 3-stage process.

Hair grows in 3 stages called Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. On a normal, healthy head of hair, nearly 90% of all hair follicles are in the actively growing Anagen phase. When people face hair loss or thinning, far more of the hair follicles go into the Telogen resting phase. This can be caused by several different circumstances, including stress or trauma, the hormone DHT, and nutrient deficiencies.

Is Androgenic Alopecia interrupting your life?

Facing hair loss is serious, but it's not necessarily dangerous. While a lot of female hair loss is caused by medical issues, that's not the prevailing cause for men. Androgenic Alopecia is better known as Male Pattern Baldness, and it causes 90% of hair loss for men. Male Pattern Baldness usually begins with a receding hairline near the temples and spreads to the crown of the head.

It all comes down to DHT.

When a man has male pattern baldness, the body converts testosterone into the hair-loss hormone called DHT. DHT bonds to hair follicles and prevents hair from growing properly. The Anagen growing phase is interrupted, and hairs prematurely enter the Telogen resting phase. That means that it stops growing. Androgenic Alopecia rarely leads to complete baldness, but can cause significant hair loss over time. To get a good idea whether your hair loss is being caused by Androgenic Alopecia, you can check the Hamilton-Norwood scale. Male Pattern Baldness can start as early as age 21, and once it begins, it almost never stops on its own.

There's something to be done about your hair loss. We'll help you find it.

Male Pattern Baldness is hereditary, and it won't stop on its own. If you're ready to take control of your hair, schedule a private consultation at LaDonna Roye. We'll answer your questions and help you find the right answer.

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  • I had a very enjoyable experience at the LaDonna Roye salon. I went to explore my options after experiencing hair loss and thinning. Nancy and Ashley were both terrific! Nancy made me feel very comfortable and spent time with me to find the best color and style in a wig, should I need that in the future. Ashley shared information about keeping the hair I have healthy. Neither of the ladies pressured me to buy, which I appreciated. The other customers were also very friendly, sharing their stories with me and making my visit there very pleasant. It's nice to know that this great salon is there for me when I need it! I'd go back in a heartbeat!

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